Ya boy is back in the lab today, whippin' up some of the season's coolest confections! We got pecan butter toffee, we got soft caramel chocolates, we got bonbons! We havin' you-call-it Fridays! You call it, I'll make it! Click here to see more chocolate!


I have a critical understanding of how cooking works. I am proficient in fire management using wood-fired ovens and charcoal-fired grills. I operate best under pressure when the ability to multi-task is most crucial. My palate is highly sensitive to how to maintain a good balance of flavors when creating items savory or sweet. When temperatures go up and the pressure is on, I'm the best sort of team player; having worked BOH, FOH, baking and pastry, I understand the needs of my co-workers.


While away from the hustle of a busy restaurant hot line, I enjoy the tranquility and challenges of chocolate and confectionery work. I love creating new chocolates and candies for people to enjoy. Chocolate work is a blank canvas that allows me to create new and exotic flavor combinations. My customers can choose from a wide range of possibilities, including personalized chocolates showcasing a company’s logo or individual chocolate boxes for those very special occasions.